Our Goal

Our goal is to export Colombian premium quality fruits and rich in flavor to the whole world.

Colombia has an agricultural frontier of 40 million hectares, it also has a variety of thermal floors, from 0 to 4,000 meters above sea level, a factor that allows a wide range of production, not only in variety, nutritional properties and flavour, but also in the amount of fruits recognized worldwide.


Reasons to go Frozen

We aim at offering our customers a wide variety of Colombian fruits that are available all year round. Fruits that are frozen at their peak of greatest freshness, keeping their flavor, vitamins and nutrients.

Our customers can find ready-to-eat fruits, they come in different sizes, cuts, skinless and deseeded. By using our products, the customers will not generate any waste, they can consume only the amount need it, and save the rest for later, given that the products´ shelf life is over 14 months.

Our Products


Fresh fruits

We treat you to feast yourself with the best flavors of Colombian fruits and promote the work of those who make this possible.

Fresh Fruit

Frozen Fruits

Discover Aurora Green Food's frozen fruits picked and frozen in season, locking in all the taste and nutrients.

Frozen Fruit

Lyophilized Fruits

Preserves nutritional properties, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They can be consumed at any time, place, and time of the year.

Freezer Dryed

We Support Our Farmers

Aurora Green Food supports farmers with benefits that guarantee fair prices for their products. We consider them part of our family and ensure that they constantly improve their living standards and income through honest and trustworthy business agreements.